Vission & Mission

Our Mission

Our goal at Shree Devaly Sangh is straightforward yet important:

सभी सुखी रहें – – सभी मिलजुल कर आगे बढ़ें

“We want everyone to be happy and move forward together for better future”

May everyone be happy and progress together. This is the core of the Shree Devaly Sangh's mission. We want to live in a society where everyone is content and cooperates to build a better future. Let's work together to realise this idea.

शक्तिशाली बनकर राक्षसी वृत्ति को मिटाना है।

“Gaining Strength and Eliminating Negative Instinct”

Our first principle emphasises the significance of fortifying oneself and eradicating any bad tendencies we may have. It is essential that we begin by overcoming the internal battles that prevent us from moving forward both individually and as a society in order to actually become powerful and effective guardians of our culture.

संस्कृति रक्षक बन कर, संस्कार व संस्कृति को बचाना है।

“ Preserving Our Cultural Heritage”

Our purpose is centred on the steadfast dedication to protect the rich fabric of our cultural traditions and values, ensuring their continued survival and vibrant development. Our culture serves as the foundation of our society and is a source of identity, knowledge, and resiliency. We are steadfast in our determination to protect it from harm.

Our Vision

Our vision at Shree Devaly Sangh reflects our deepest desires and the path we're determined to develop. We imagine a world in which:

Unity Prevails

We see a society in which divisions disintegrate and unity becomes the norm. People from all walks of life, regardless of background, coexist peacefully.

Happiness Abunds

Our vision involves a future in which happiness is a continuous companion in the lives of all individuals, rather than a transient moment. This world is founded on the foundation of contentment.

Collective Success

We envision a world in which every person contributes to their community's prosperity.

Progress is a shared journey in which we work together to create a brighter and more affluent future.

Our vision is more than simply an idea; it is a call to action. It motivates us to work tirelessly to make these goals a reality. We believe in the power of collaborative efforts and togetherness to achieve our vision at Shree Devaly Sangh, and we ask you to join us on this incredible journey towards a more united and prosperous tomorrow.