About Us

Welcome to the Shree Devaly Sangh, where we deeply value preserving and safeguarding our culture. To protect the health and cohesion of our society, it is not only our duty but also a noble vocation that each of us must accept. We are here to provide direction and a stage for people who share our steadfast dedication to preserving the soul of our historic heritage.

Three Crucial Resolutions on the Way to Culture Protection

We respectfully encourage you to commit to the following three commitments and pledges in order to effectively conserve culture:

Always Honor Family

The family is the foundation of a healthy society. We value the significance of showing our parents unshakable love and respect while also recognising the significant influence they have had on our lives. Spouses will fast together as a symbol of our unshakable devotion to one another, strengthening the sacred bond of marriage. In addition, we pledge to uphold the honor and dignity of our sisters and daughters by promoting an environment that values equality, respect, and support for their goals and objectives.

Diversity in Unity

The idea that divinity resides within each and every component of this enormous world is one that we at Shree Devaly Sangh fully comprehend and embrace. We sincerely think that no type of discrimination should ever be accepted, be it based on caste, colour, or religion, and we totally acknowledge that each and every one of us is a beloved child of the Supreme Father, God. As we work to build a culture where harmony, tolerance, and acceptance bloom in every facet of our lives, our unshakable commitment to inclusivity and togetherness knows no bounds.

Putting Demonic Tendencies to Rest

It is essential that we recognise and get rid of the negative influences within us as we work to defend and protect our culture. Let's resolve to strengthen ourselves, not by coercion or control, but rather by overcoming our own negative impulses and eliminating the evil forces that threaten our traditions and beliefs. Our ultimate objective is to foster a community that thrives on morals, empathy, and kindness.