Our philosophy at Shree Devaly Sangh is a reflection of our deeply embedded values, principles, and beliefs. It serves as the very cornerstone for our mission and guides our activities and endeavours. Our philosophy can be reduced to a few essential tenets:

Cultural Preservation

Our unshakable dedication to conserving our rich cultural legacy is at the heart of our ideology. We think that our culture is a living, breathing organism that influences our identity and governs our way of life, not just a historical artifact. By preserving our cultural traditions, we ensure that our forefathers' wisdom is passed along to future generations.

Unity in difference

We believe strongly in the principle of unity in difference. Our ideology promotes the idea that, regardless of caste, ethnicity, religion, or origin, we are all members of a bigger human family. We emphasise that these distinctions should not be used to divide people, but rather to foster enrichment, understanding, and harmony.

Inner Transformation

We understand that true transformation begins inside. Personal transformation is extremely important in our ideology. It helps people to overcome their inner demons, to develop strength and resilience, and to eliminate undesirable inclinations that may impede their personal and collective growth.

Happiness for All

We believe that happiness is the foundation of a happy existence. As a shared goal, our worldview embraces the concept of happiness. We think that when everyone is happy, society as a whole prospers, resulting in a positive feedback cycle of progress and well-being.

Community and Togetherness

We lay a major focus on community development and togetherness in our ideology. We think that standing together makes us stronger, and that working together makes our efforts more effective. Our philosophy is based on creating a sense of belonging and friendship.